Shape to Fabrication Workshop, night 3

November 17, 2011 at 02:05
filed under Architecture

Kevin and a part of his team will be working into the night, trying to get more panels done for tomorrow. Thursday is assembly day at Robofold, we will work at Cutting Edge in the morning and then move everything on site and start putting the pieces together. The fabrication takes quite a long time, first the cnc machines need programming, the MDF framing needs preparation and stacking for accommodating higher curvatures, the formers have to be machined, the unfolded developable strips are cut flat and then put on the formers under heat and pressure so they take the correct shape. After they have the correct shape they need some edge finishing. We have over 50 single curved panels in total, quite a big task. I have to mention that the  Cutting Edge team is doing some extraordinary work, we and our workshop participants are trying to help as much as possible but the machining and thermo-forming times are quite long, we hope to pull it through. Stay with us !

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