Introducing the free EvoluteTools Lite for Rhino

February 7, 2012 at 17:18
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Recently we adjusted our product line-up in order to make our software products more accessible and focused. Standing out is the freely available EvoluteTools Lite, a compact Swiss Army Knife for paneling freeform surfaces and geometry optimization. The free Rhino plugin is ready for download via the already well known Food4Rhino platform. EvoluteTools Lite comes with no strings attached: unlimited mesh size, no costs and no patents. It has already proven its impressive optimization capabilities in projects like the [d_pod], a temporary exhibition pavilion designed by Pavilion Architecture (pictured below). Using EvoluteTools Lite we were able to produce an optimized paneling solution for the [d_pod] within minutes, and this is not an overstatement or marketing  exaggeration, it is the real deal. After the paneling solution was generated, the bigger brother – EvoluteTools PRO stepped in and allowed us to generate a solid structure model via RhinoScript.

EvoluteTools Lite should not be missing from the arsenal of a designer, architect or engineer. It is not only fast but the mesh subdivision and polymesh support make it an extremely handy tool for paneling freeform surfaces and optimizing the panel layouts for production and aesthetic constraints.

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