EvoluteTools Debut Webinar on the 29th of September 2011

September 9, 2011 at 10:18
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Well, it is not exactly the debut webinar, but it is very close to that. Thanks to Matt from TSplines we co-hosted a presentation on the 22nd of June showcasing the use of EvoluteTools together with TSplines, so we could consider that the real debut. Anyway, everybody is welcome (seats are limited though) and we hope you will enjoy the upcoming presentation. There are two things that will make this webinar special: first – we will work on a real world example – the YAS Island Marina Hotel in Abu Dhabi , viewers will have a chance to see how we used the Plugin in our consultancy work ; secondly – attendants will receive (by request) a 20% discount coupon that could be used for acquiring EvoluteTools for Rhino.

Back to the presentation: we will play with different patterns on the Gridshell and change its appearance to our desires (or to the viewers desires), optimizations like planarization, seam smoothness, vertex coplanarity and curve fitting, edge length and special subdivisions will also be employed in the process. The webinar addresses any individual involved in any aspect of building or designing a freeform structure: architects, designers, engineers, fabricators, contractors, cost estimators, project managers etc. If you are just a curious mind and you have nothing to do with freeform surfaces – we would also love to have you there. Seats are limited so register early:


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