Attractive T-Splines and EvoluteTools Bundle

October 3, 2011 at 15:46
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– flexible and precise freeform modeling
– easy design iteration
– fastest way of paneling and optimizing a freeform surface

Lately we have been working closely with the T-Splines team in order to see how our products can be used together and what are the benefits. T-Splines for Rhino is…awesome, there’s no better way to put it, it allows you to model the craziest shapes with great ease, flexibility, precision and speed. Not only you have incredible modeling power but you can build up an amazingly intricate and elaborate design all within a single T-Splines surface, this means you can iterate your design very fast without having to worry about refitting, matching, filling holes, patching up etc. Is this all ? No ! ┬áT-Splines also has a GrassHopper component, so you can interact with your favourite parametric plugin. Yes – we are definitely excited about T-Splines over here and I’m pretty sure so are you. What is really attractive about this combination of Rhino tools is that once you designed your freeform architectural surface in T-SPlines – you automatically have the coarse mesh ready to be subdivided with one of the many mesh subdivision algorithms available in EvoluteTools. This is by far one of the fastest ways of paneling and optimizing a freeform surface. Oh – so you have to change your design ? No problem – T-SPlines makes that easier for you and again you have a coarse mesh (TSplines mesh) ready for subdivision. You can even use EvoluteTools to optimize a T-Splines surface directly and set its vertices fixed or as corners. This saves significant amounts of time, headaches, coffee so ultimately it is better for this beautiful planet we live on. Get ahead, get the Bundle !

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