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October 20, 2015 at 09:20
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It’s been almost two years since we first released our EvoluteTools D.LOFT plug-in for Rhino. Since then, we have been adding new features and getting all the feedback we could in order to improve the user experience. If you haven’t tried this fast and easy way to loft a developable surfaces between pairs of curves, now is the perfect time! We have just updated the user interface for a more intuitive and flexible experience, and improved speed by orders of magnitude.

In the new release, one can observe the surface become developable in real-time! Every step of the way, the solution is redrawn, smoothly moving the rulings along the curves until it finds a developable solution matching the input constraints. You can see below the plug-in in action or better yet try it yourself. Be careful, the visual transformation is quite addictive!

The value of this update is more than cosmetic. When the input constraints are too tight for the given curves (meaning there is no exact solution to the developable lofting), it will become evident by watching the surface struggle before eventually failing to fit the user requirements. In that case, the user now has the option to cancel the process without waiting for it to end, before trying again with more reasonable demands (regarding developability, proximity to curves or degree of the surface).

Overall, those small changes give the users more insight on D.LOFT’s process, and better control on how to achieve their goals.

Existing customers will automatically receive the upgrade at next use of D.LOFT starting from today.

Download and try it

Download the evaluation version, or directly buy D.LOFT here.

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