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August 12, 2011 at 16:05
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First and foremost – welcome !!! And thank you for checking out our blog. We’ve been meaning to get it up and running for some time but things always got in the way, sorry to keep anyone waiting. So what is it going to be about ? Mostly news about what we are working on, new things we are testing in the Plugin, workshops, architectural gossip, informal interaction with our (potential) users and hopefully a bit of wacky fun. In case you don’t know already, please have a look at our website to find out what we are specialized in.

I will introduce the team so you know who you might be dealing with, from left to right, here we are: Michael, Simon, Mathias, me – Florin, Martin, Alex, Helmut – our scientific advisor and Heinz – our CEO. Since I will be doing most of the blogging,  here are a few words about me: I love peaches ( I did say a FEW ).

Here at Evolute I am responsible for things like: testing the Plugin , customer relations, recording tutorials, product support, design and consulting. So you can blame me for typos, hypothetical bugs in the software ( I am supposed to find them first ), global warming, boring tutorials, late reply to emails, things like that. So keep an eye on our blog as there will be more cool stuff to come.



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