TSplines Design Contest 2011

August 19, 2011 at 12:26
filed under Architecture

As some of you may know, the contest ended a few days ago. So what does it have to do with Evolute ? A few things as a matter of fact: we are sponsoring the award for the Architectural Category, specifically a full commercial bundle of EvoluteTools for Rhino worth a few thousand Euros, secondly, TSplines is a great product for modeling freeform shapes and a powerfull tool that works very well together with our plugin, as evidenced in the Webinar we put together with TSplines. This extremely powerful combination allows you to create the craziest shapes with ease and at the same time provides the FASTEST way of paneling and optimizing a freeform design. The coolest thing about using TSplines in combination with EvoluteTools is that given a TSplines surface – you already have the coarse mesh (the box mode TSplines Mesh) that you can use for further subdivision, saving precious modeling time. In the future you will hear more about this combination and we will even put out some cool tutorials for you to check out, we will also have some surprises. Back to the contest – I am currently looking over the submissions and hopefully soon, together with the other judges we can decide upon a winning submission. Another thing worth mentioning is that during the contest we provided an extended Trial version of our plugin for the contestants to try out (unlimited face count, full functionality), hopefully they enjoyed working with it. So keep an eye on the TSplines website and our blog to see the winning entry.

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